Brian Jaffe Associates Consulting Services

Fundraising Special Event Consultants

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  • Live Consignment Auctions
  • Silent Consignment Auctions
  • Other Auctions and Unique Promotions



  • Pre-Campaign and Fundraising Calendar Assessments
  • Concept Development
  • Special Event Campaign Development And Strategic Planning
  • Fundraising Event Formatting and Planning
  • Committee Organization and Management
  • Presentation of Fundraising Seminars and Workshops
  • Auctioneer Services
  • Guidance to Guarantee Achieving Your Goals





Initial Meeting
I meet with the organization's decision makers to decide to work together and explain how I work


Preparation and Review of Your Current Special Events Schedule
I meet again with you helping you to prepare and review your current special events
calendar and examine possible changes that can better serve your needs and the needs of
your affiliate organizations’ chapters.


Organize the Specific Elements to Achieve Your Goals
I then work with the fundraising team to implement the action plan and to make sure that they succeed in creating effective special events and increasing public awareness of their mission.


Organizing Goals and Value Assessment
We meet and review your personal goals and how they relate to the organizations goals keying in on how you are working to meet those goals through public awareness and financially through your special events calendar.