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I speak to development directors and professional fundraisers as well as supportive volunteers currently involved in charitable and community organizations or as individuals on issues of fundraising special events and understanding your personal and community values.  My programs range from keynote talks, to half-day and full-day seminar/workshops that help develop the skills and enhance the knowledge to make a difference to themselves and their specific goals.

My programs provide cutting edge concepts, vivid case studies from my research and personal experiences and high involvement question and answer periods applying ideas that explore your current work and ways to make it more effective.

I currently offer three specific seminar/workshops each of which can be presented on an individualized basis for your organization or with a more general thematic focus.


Selected Topics





The whole world has been hurt badly by an economic recession.  As a result, charitable fundraising has taken a hit and has become harder than before.  In fact, the general concept of fundraising has taken a beating.  This, in turn, has made it difficult for non-profits to raise money and prompted a fear of fundraising which has caused many organizations to cut back on their special events.  This is an ill-advised approach to take.  It produces an "out of sight, out of mind" reaction on the part of many currently active supporters.


Is this seminar going to be worth my time?
If you've ever considered or previously conducted fund-raising special events, here's a chance to learn what works and what doesn't from an expert who has organized and conducted over 10,000 special events including auctions.  Learn how to maximize your profit, control your costs, and still present a highly entertaining and memorable event for your guests.

Who is the seminar leader?
Brian Jaffe:  Senior Partner of Brian Jaffe Associates.  He is a graduate of New York University and a licensed auctioneer with over 30 years experience advising and conducting fund-raising special events and auctions.  Brian has conducted seminars throughout the United States and helped nonprofits and others earn millions of dollars through successful fund-raising special events.

How will I benefit?
By learning how to raise more money for your organization using the most current and effective special event tools available.  Whether this is your first fundraiser or your fiftieth, at this information-packed, 4 hour seminar (including a unique question and answer segment) you'll learn many of the secrets that go into a successful fund-raising events.  You will learn to choose the best type special event to suit your needs, how to get free items and prizes, how to maximize bidding at auction events, where and who the best donors are and much, much more.

Who should attend?
Development and fund-raising professionals, volunteer members of organizations planning special events for fund-raising, and anyone interested in learning about the careful behind the scenes planning required for a successful fund-raising special event.

What will I learn?
How to hold a no cost - no risk special event
How to get some great prizes or auction items – many of them for free
How to avoid the most common mistakes that can ruin your event
How to get people to participate
You'll also discover . . .  What makes prizes and auction items appealing (perceived value vs. actual value)
How to stay focused on your fund-raising goals when planning your special event
How to dress up your event displays to maximize profit
How to insure ticket sales and attendance 
How to motivate volunteers





This seminar gives you the opportunity to cash in on over thirty years of my fundraising auction experience by learning the theory, the basics and the tricks of the trade in planning and conducting a successful fundraising auction. 

Your organization can arrange an intensive three and a half hour seminar/workshop which is specifically designed for volunteers and professional fund raisers alike. tTis seminar includes step-by-step instruction on how to conduct your auction event, with plenty of one-on-one time to ask questions and discuss ideas and problems with the instructor.

Here's just some of what you will learn…


  What Makes an Event Runs Smoothly


  • How Much You Can Raise
  • How to Recruit and Motivate Volunteers
  • Who are the “Right” Volunteers
  • How to Budget Your Time   
  • How Many Volunteers You Will Need
  • How to Maximize Attendance
  • How Many Items You Should Have
  • Who, How and What to Solicit
  • How to Use Computers to Help
  • Live, Silent and Tricky-Tray Auctions
  • Key Clubs, Dutch Auctions, Raffles, etc.
  • Should You Have Other Entertainment
  • Avoiding a Logjam - Easy Distribution
  • What a Free Auctioneer Really Costs
  • How outsourcing paid staff services can save you money





This seminar focuses on how you as an individual or as a company can interface with national and local non-profit organizations, political organizations and other local groups along with other community minded individuals working together to insure local well-being and to raise the much needed funds to help accomplish those ends.  It will explain how joining forces and working with others through the presentation of fun and inexpensive social and special events can simultaneously help you achieve financial goals and cement your position as a positive and constructive influence in your community.